Welcome to your exclusive Member-Only area! We want to make sure you are able to take full advantage of your benefits of membership so there are few things you need to do first.

Let’s Get Started!

  1.  Access Your AIA Rewards. The first time you “log in” to the AIA Rewards website, you will need to set up a security question and agree to terms of use. In the upper right of the Rewards website, you will notice your name and the rewards points you have accumulated to date. As our way of welcoming you as a member, your account will start with 250 rewards points. Each month you pay membership dues you will receive 50 rewards points. Enjoy using your points!
  2. Save the Emergency Roadside Assistance phone number to your phone. While you’re still logged into your member account, go to the Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit and locate the toll-free phone number to access 24-hour assistance. Save this to your phone, so you’ll have the number handy should you need it.
  3. Set up your Teladoc™ Health access.
    Go to the Teladoc benefit and follow the step-by-step instructions to register your account with Teladoc. Once completed, you will have 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified physicians with the cost of the consultation included in your AIA membership. Don’t forget to set up your medical history disclosure (MHD). It only takes a few minutes and doing so now will save you time and money when you need to use this benefit.
  4. Download your Global Emergency Services ID card
    Navigate to the Global Emergency Services benefit and follow the instructions to download your Assist America ID card. You can also download a free mobile app  to your phone for direct access to this benefit whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home.
  5. Download your Healthcare Savings Card
    Next, navigate to the Vision Care benefit and follow the instructions to download your ID card for this benefit. Having all of your membership information for each benefit easily accessible will save you time whenever you need assistance.

We are delighted to have you as a member of the AIA family and look forward to serving you for many years to come. If you need assistance with any of your AIA benefits, Member Service representatives are available to assist you Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Central Time by calling 888-861-4AIA.